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Hänsel & Gretel's Arenas

Imagen Subliminal

Unlocking the fairytails with which we construct our collective notions of family, home and house.

In the "Hänsel & Gretel's Arenas" video, Miguel de Guzmán (Imagen Subliminal) displays the idea Andrés Jaque Architects and the Office for Political Innovation have of architecture as a social and political device, a place where the concepts of public and private are shaken up, an occasion of public dialogue between people of different ages on the intimate themes of family and home, with playful references to the collective imagery contained in one of the most familiar fairy tales.

Miguel de Guzmán films the intervention the Spanish architects designed "in conversation" with the artist Federico Herrero, "La Terraza de Hänsel y Gretel", a temporary pavilion located on the roof of the cultural center La Casa Encendida (Madrid). This ethereal structure made of hanging, colorful objects - admittedly inspired by the witch's gingerbread house – was conceived as a means to trigger and unravel children and adults' opinions and thoughts about the ethics related to the Grimms' tale.


Mentioned project: Hänsel & Gretel’s Arena (2013)
Project location: Madrid, Spain

Spain 2013
Duration: 2'50''