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Architecture and the Unspeakable 1 - Soho

John Szot

In SoHo, New York, architecture is subjected to alteration and corruption by the environment in which it sits.

Part 1 of the three-part series "Architecture and the Unspeakable", by John Szot Studio, explores breaking the boundaries between the architecture and its inhabitants: the community is allowed to infiltrate the manicured spaces while the architecture fosters its own disfigurement.

Set within the gentrified neighborhood of SoHo in New York, this slick and nimble concrete building becomes not a sacrosanct piece of art, but a block of marble unscathed by the sculptor's chisel. In a place home to counter-culture, activism, and artists' lofts, an architecture is created that works to try and be altered and corrupted by the environment in which it sits.


USA 2011
Duration: 3'22''