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John Szot
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Founder of Brooklyn Digital Foundry, the media studio that creates some of the most intriguing computer graphic images and animations for several internationally renowned architectural firms, John Szot doesn't renounce to his own space for research and investigation. He recently completed his "Architecture and the Unspeakable" trilogy, a series of videos introducing the stories of "three buildings (located in "SoHo", "Shibuya" and Detroit) each one with a pathological problem that contains the promises of a new cultural dialogue". According to his point of view, research in architecture must be able to understand the spontaneous manifestations of the urban environment and must take them into account during the design process. And those media that today convey architectural contents must consequently take on the same challenge. Well, Szot's work goes straight in this direction. In an interesting interview published on Metropolis Magazine, Szot says: "We see a different future for media in architecture, one that's heavily steeped in the human experience, as opposed to a formal exercise".

Clips by John Szot

Strips including clips by John Szot

Architecture and the Unspeakable 2 - Shibuya
04:26 min
Architecture and the Unspeakable 1 - Soho
03:22 min

Architecture and the Unspeakable 1 - Soho

Published on Nov 13, 2014