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MindMachineMakingMyths (François Roche Camille Lacadee)
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M4 mindmachinemakingmyths is a team composed by François Roche and Camille Lacadee, and composed by several other collaborators.

François Roche is a French architect and theorist. Born in Paris, François Roche was originally trained in mathematics before graduating from the School of Architecture in Versailles in 1988. He is the co-founder and principal at New Territories, a platform for research and practice, including R&Sie(n), an architecture studio based in Paris, and co-founder of Lab M4 (MindMachineMakingMyths) and the [eIf/bAt/c] Institute for Contingent Scenarios (in film and architecture), Bangkok, Thailand. Through these different identities, Roche seeks to articulate the passages between the real and fictional, as well as the geographic situations and narrative structures that can transform the relations between them. Roche's work has been shown at, among other places, Venice Architecture Biennale (8 times), International (Arsenal) and National (French, Austrian, Slovenian) Pavilions, and ICA (London), Mori Art Museum (Tokyo), Centre Pompidou (Paris), MAM (Paris), and the Tate Modern (London), as well as at university architecture galleries such as as Columbia University, UCLA, etc. Roche has also led courses in architecture at the Bartlett School (London), University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), GSAPP (New York), and Angewandte (Vienna), among others.

Camille Lacadee is the co-founder of Lab M4 (MindMachineMakingMyths) and the [eIf/bAt/c] Institute for Contingent Scenarios (in film and architecture), both part of the New Territories architecture studio, Bangkok, Thailand. On a tightrope between architecture and film, Lacadee's primary interest is in the physical manifestation of psycho-pathologies, through the interactions of stage props (sets) and short films, as a Siamese bi-production. She graduated in 2009 from Ecole Speciale d'Architecture in Paris, and since then has lived and worked in Asia (Japan, India, and Thailand), where she is currently co-leading the New Territories architecture studio while teaching workshops and studios in several universities around the world.

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