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...Would Have Been My Last Complaint

MindMachineMakingMyths (François Roche Camille Lacadee)

A story about rejection.

"Would Have Been My Last Complaint" is a story about rejection. In a sacred Hindu village, a self-made erudite brahman dedicates his life to the creation of a unique library on philosophy, theology, psychology, poetry, pornography, but finally finds himself being violently expelled by the villagers (believers).

The film is inspired by a true local story from Gokarna (Karnataka, India). The first scene announces the core of the fiction by means of a poetic text and visual suggestions. Then the old man appears on the scene in search of signs, material at first and then intellectual. He knows the Baghavadgita sacred text very well and is carrying out his personal research. He gradually conceives and gives shape to his shelter which, out of the fiction, is called Devil Trap. In such a place he is going to be confined due to the aversion of his community. This indeterminate structure has the power to help him to renegotiate with the believers through his own complaint.

How do we approach the signs of an enlightenment? How do we reconcile singularity and collectiveness? How do we imagine and materialize our physical world? These are some of the questions raised by this fiction.

The prop and short film were realized on the occasion of the Zshell-ter workshop (see credits at the end of the film).


Shell-ter title: "Devil Trap"
Scenario, production: Camille Lacadee (movie), Francois Roche (shelter) / [eIf/bʌt/c]
Design process, Computation: Ezio Blasetti
Robotic Design, Special effects: Stephan Henrich
Sound design: Myrtille Fakhreddine (braïbraï), Devin Jernigan
Computation, fabrication, construction: Mark-Henry Jean Decrausaz, Cameron David Newnham, Mark Kowalyov, Peeraya Suphasidh Camera: Suthiwat Yanawiboot
Storyboard: Pim Jular
Model & props: Pajareeya Suriwong, Nichapatara Swangdecharux
Machinism special design: Cheng Yu Ling
Shooting schedule & organization: Wachira Leangtanom
Making-of: Danielle Willems, Pantira Unarat
Historical research assistant: Natreeya Kraichitti
Community negotiation assistant: Lila Tedesco
Production assistants: Arisa Juengsophonvitavas, Papat Jinaphun, Javed Godkin Paul de Costa, Nicha Laptaveepanya, Nuthapong Jiratiticharoen, Benjawan Lamsa-ard, Tachapol Danaboonchai, Suthata Jiranuntarat, Yanisa Chumpolphaisal, Jenwit Narukatphichai, Permpoon Rojanasakul
Acknowledgements: Sri Ganapati Vedeshwar (Study Circle Library), Elias Tabet (Pandrata Circle), Sanjeen SingPawat, Gwyl Jahn
Construction: Manjunath & Co, Engineer, Ravi N.Pattegar, Civil Engineer Contractor

India 2012
Duration: 11'47''