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Although (in) hapnea

MindMachineMakingMyths (François Roche Camille Lacadee)

A critic to Scientific Reductionism.

While introducing a computational prefab set design in its end, the short film's main focus is to criticize the conception of a reductionist science, blind and unable to see beyond what reason and scientific progress suggest.

The film presents three main scenes played by a different character, each one revealing a specific feeling by means of actions or words. The first is a scientist who arrives in an urban environment very different from the one in which he - or she - lives in so he really doesn't empathize with this new condition; he not even forces himself to understand otherness so he gets lost and vanishes. A redemption is possible through a metempsychosis, by transforming body and soul and getting a different point of view to observe the world. This is exactly what happens as the second character comes into the scene; she is a very mysterious figure and her appearance testifies a rebirth, nonetheless she is aware of how easy it is to fall and get lost again into madnesses, and like Ophelia she is ready to suffer from negative events. In the last scene, the third character is meandering in a small and coercive space which is a translucent shell made by serial parts and forces the gaze into a blurred dimension.

This fiction was produced with the support of the Graham Foundation in Chicago, the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, the DICREAM section (Dispositif pour la Creéation Artistique Multimédia et numérique) of the French Centre National du Cinema, and Thammasat Fab-Lab Bkk.


Production: New-Territories
Co-production: Graham Foundation, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, CNC DICREAM
Set Design: [eIf/bʌt/c] with Katrin Hochschuh and with FabLab Thammasat University Bangkok, Samustpon Tanapant, Arisa Plapiriyakit, Nonsthorn Srisuphanraj, Trin Chanchaiprasong, Pongsakorn Sarunsatta, Supinda Bannapob, Nonglak Boonsang, Nuttapol Techopitch, Tanakorn Somsuk, Piyanut Songkhroh
Actors: Camille Lacadee (Journalist and Ophelia), Sarut Komalittipong (Creature), Khun Pan (Interzone fishermadman)
Glass blowing: Union Victors Co, Ltd Bangkok
Sound design and mix: Myrtille Fakhreddine
Guitar: Nader Mekdachi
Make-up: Suwannee Surachescomson, Taweesit Mannark
Cinematography: Francois Roche
Edition: Camille Lacadee
Ephemeral direction assistant: Sompot Chidgasornpongse
Production assistant: Hadin Charbel
Special thanks: Makkasan community of Bangkok, Sompong, Toon, Pai, Tree and Mr Thank You

Thailandia 2013
Duration: 14'30''