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Luxigon is a renowned French architectural visualization studio founded by architects Eric de Broche des Combes, Laurent Théaux and Laurent Ménabé. Luxigon's original and creative approach is already clear in the short descriptions that introduce the members of the team - mostly architects and designers from all nationalities - on the official website, where they present themselves through their favorite musical and cinematographic references. Luxigon experiments in the field of architectural visualization and always tries unconventional viewpoints. They create suggestive scenerios in which spectators can place themselves, often allowing viewers to experience distant or unbuilt architectures. The glow, deep saturation, haze and enhanced textures of their postproduction work effectively conveys the inner spirit of the projects. Architecture is communicated as a vision, showing things that are not there, rather than a simple combination of geometric shapes or technical details. As Eric de Broche des Combes says, they consider "architectural visualizations as an act of architecture". Luxigon collaborated with some of the most important and renewed architectural firms in the international scene (such as BIG, OMA, asymptote, Manuelle Gautrand, among others). In their video "Poste du Louvre" they introduce a competition proposal by Jacques Ferrier Architectures for the the Poste du Louvre complex in Paris. Luxigon's ability to visualize and reinterpret the architects' vision allows the public to experience the unbuilt spaces of the project at different scales and from different perspectives.

Clips by Luxigon

Strips including clips by Luxigon

The Blade - Yongsan International Business District
Duration clock dark 03:29 min
Ministry of Indulgence
Duration clock dark 01:03 min

Ministry of Indulgence

Published on May 12, 2015
Poste du Louvre
Duration clock dark 02:40 min

Poste du Louvre

Published on Mar 02, 2015