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The Blade - Yongsan International Business District


Hey you, this skyscraper is your "titanium babe".

In this short film Luxigon uses a very provocative, sensual approach to narrate the architectural spaces of an office building in a more creative, appealing way.

The black-and-white animation is a perfect example of Luxigon's deep knowledge of CGI techniques and explores from different spectacular viewpoints the outside and inside spaces of "The Blade", a skyscraper designed by French architect Dominique Perrault in the new Yongsan International Business District in Seoul (South Korea). In an open contrast with this flawless visual representation, the sound backdrop is composed of some chilling electronic music and of a sensual female voice-over, that addresses the viewers directly as if it was the voice of the glass tower.

The cold and shiny surfaces of "The Blade" seem to suddenly come to life in the animation when they interact with the music and with that voice. The intriguing fantasy of some possible interactions between humans and artificial intelligence is recalled and imagined.


Architect: Dominique Perrault Architecture
Mentioned project: The Blade - Yongsan International Business District (2012-2016)
Project location: Seoul, Korea
Music: Luxigon

France 2012
Duration: 3'29''