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Poste du Louvre


Imagine to be in a place that doesn’t exist already.

This spectacular 3d animation by Luxigon explores Jacques Ferrier Architectures' proposal for the architectural competition to renovate the Poste du Louvre complex in Paris through a conceptual and dramatic approach.

By means of renderings and accurate post editing, the famous post office in the heart of the city - that had to be redeveloped to include a luxury hotel - is recreated as per Ferrier's design. Luxigon's ability to visualize and reinterpret the architects' vision allows the viewers to experience the new spaces of the building at different scales and from different perspectives. Thanks to an advanced technical knowledge and a keen awareness of the project, the video authors offer the illusory, yet realistic perception to discover an unbuilt architecture, as well as a detailed description of the overall design.


Architect: Jacques Ferrier Architectures
Mentioned project: proposal for the "Poste du Louvre" competition
Project location: Paris, France
Production: Luxigon
Music: Cliff Martinez

France 2012
Duration: 2'39''