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Adrià Goula
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Adrià Goula an "architect for architecture image", based in Barcelona, Spain, uses photography and video to translate the three-dimensional experience of architectural spaces into images that capture the essence of a project when it can't be experienced live. His training as an architecture gives him a unique ability to interpret architecture in a different way, one in which the architecture is always the protagonist, whether alone with filtered light or surrounded by a boisterous crowd. His works engage the viewer and brings them into the space, allowing you to feel like you are experiencing the work first hand. Like a personal tour guide he leads you through the space and down paths the architecture creates around you.

Clips by Adrià Goula

Strips including clips by Adrià Goula

Passatge Marimon (Barcelona)
Duration clock dark 00:42 min

Passatge Marimon (Barcelona)

Published on Mar 08, 2018