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Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Castelo Branco

Adrià Goula

A day in the building's life.

This short live footage by Adrià Goula focuses on a more intimate dimension of the building beyond its aesthetic values and subverts the traditional imagery of an objective, detached description of its design.

Adrià Goula explores the Cultural Center in Castelo Branco (Portugal), designed by Josep Lluís Mateo (mateo arquitectura), from the point of view of the people who visit it as well as from the unusual perspectives of those who maintain and clean its space when it's closed to the public.

The compact and continuous building, a "bubble of sheltered activity" that floats over the Largo da Devesa City Square, is observed in its most common and yet unexpected settings, which may include buckets and rags to mop up.


Mentioned project: Cultural Center of Castelo Branco (2012-2013)
Project location: Castelo Branco, Portugal

Spain 2013
Duration: 2'09''