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Passatge Marimon (Barcelona)

Mateo Arquitectura

A playful short film to unveil the distinct features of a residential building in Barcelona.

Mateo Arquitectura designed a residential building in Barcelona. Adrià Goula filmed it, focusing on the main features of the edifice and playing with them.

The construction is located in a narrow passage in the city centre. As Joseph Lluís Mateo said: "to accommodate domestic life in the dense central city, architecture has to veil and control pure transparency." The office is thus conceived as a layered façade. In the interior, the stainless steel and glass windows provide views . On the exterior, mobile wooden-plank cladding protects the inside from noise and offers views of the outside. The façade acts as a filter between the inside and outside giving the building its peculiar urban image.

In the short film, the cladding panels seem to be automated and their movements are accompanied by rhythmic sounds enhancing their impression. With a quick and playful glance, observers quickly understand how the building works.

(Story by Paola Ricco, The Architecture Player)

Authors icon Credits

Architect: Mateo Arquitectura
Mentioned project: Residential building in Barcelona (2010-2013)
Project location: Barcelona, Spain

Spain 2014
Duration: 42''