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YELLOW FEVER [Lasesarre Football Stadium]

Simone Muscolino, Francesco Monaco, Eduardo Arroyo

Take a place for playing, and make it playful.

In "Yellow Fever" the experience of the architectural setting of Barakaldo’s Stadium is narrated from different perspectives in order to give the audience the perception of a shared space.

Francesco Monaco and Simone Muscolino here collaborate to recreate the everyday life of Eduardo Arroyos’s architecture [NO.MAD Arquitectos] by exploring the interactions and the stories that give it the nature of a public space. Its colored seats, the locker rooms, every corner inside and outside the stadium slowly unfolds and is cut out in a timeless stop motion, until a final climax that recreates the spectacular atmosphere of the game.

Eventually a joyful and primitive scene is played out, as long as the project itself embodies the primeval human need for a collective space. Spectators invade the playing area and literally take possession of a place that is actually designed for them. In the same way the audience might virtually take back this wide playground through the images and the narration of the film, and then learn "how to get back to nature by kicking a ball around...".


Mentioned project: Lasesarre Football Stadium (2000-2004)
Project location: Barakaldo, Spain
Cameras: Stella Colaleo, Eloísa Marazuela, David Rodríguez, Lucia Conejero
Post-production: E1 (Exhibition Unit)
Music: Paolo Gep Cucco, Schola Cantorum San Vicente Martir

Spain 2005
Duration: 5'14''

Selected for SCRIPT, the 2005 edition of the BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.