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Wood and the Dog

StudioErrante Architetture

Scorching planks, setting architecture on fire!

"Wood and the Dog" tells the story of the construction of a small cabinet designed by StudioErrante Architetture and of its relationship with the local community, in particular with a very special guest: a dog, called Chicca, watching over the handmade process of darkening with fire and smoke the wooden planks for the façade of the shed.

The short live-footage follows Chicca as she finally takes possession of the cozy wooden niche on the South façade, a special seat both for humans and animals passing by and a privileged viewpoint on the street. The small cabinet isn’t conceived only as as a service space for the collected firewood to dry, but also as a place for the interaction between the client’s private courtyard and the outside public space, a benchmark for the community life of the hamlet. The reinforced concrete wall of the previous cabinet was maintained and transformed into a fundamental element that sustains the new structure.

The video explores and unveils the relationship between the existing context and this delicate and yet effective intervention mostly made with traditional techniques and materials.


Architect: StudioErrante Architetture
Mentioned project: "Wood and the Dog" cabin (2013)
Project location: Paesana, Cuneo, Italy
Production: StudioErrante Architetture
Music: Podington Bear

Italy 2013
Duration: 3'43''