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Kaan Architecten

Excerpts of conversations reveal how a complex building functions.

"Today" is a non-fiction short film directed by Marcel Ijzerman featuring the renovation by Kaan Architecten for the Provinciehuis of North Brabant, The Netherlands. The film is shot over the course of a normal working day and reveals the complex social structure of the administrative body through the use of seven voiceover conversations.

The Provinciehuis of North Brabant is located in the southeastern part of 's-Hertogenbosch and was originally designed in 1971 by Dutch architect Hugh Maaskant. The building's modern industrial nature of its concrete architecture quickly made it a striking landmark in North Brabant, as well as a symbol of active public service. While the Provinciehuis originally featured generous spaces for promoting interaction between politicians, administrators, civil servants, and citizens - that interaction had been gradually lost over time.

The renovation aimed to return the original spatial quality of the building by freeing the three plinths from redundant barriers, and by updating the edifice to accommodate contemporary needs. The three lowest floors were renovated to allow for more "openness", while the eighteen-story office tower was renovated to replace single rooms with flexible working spaces clustered every three floors. Elevator lifts stop every three floors where two flights of stairs serve each cluster.

The film has been produced on the occasion of the nomination for the Simon Architecture Prize 2016.


Author: Marcel IJzerman
Architect: Kaan Architecten
Mentioned project: Renovation of the Provinciehuis of North Brabant (2012-2015)
Project location: 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
Production: IJzerman Media
Sound: Levi Westra, Tjeerd Melchers
Drone: Andries Altenburg (Skymovie)
Translations: Rachel Sander, Phil Procter

The Netherlands 2016
Duration: 3'47''