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The Rolling Revolution

Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation

What about a more respectful living space for frail people?

In this short live-footage video, Andrés Jaques Architects and Office for Political Innovation introduce their approach to architecture as a powerful practice of "design revolution", for facing and making visible complex social issues, in order to encourage important changes in the contemporary social context as well as a constant discourse about them.

As in a colorful puppet show, "The Rolling Revolution" explains the prototype of a module of a vertical communication ramp designed by the Spanish firm for integrating people with severe motor disabilities. This project - conceived to be mass-produced and shipped to developing countries - is aimed at revolutionizing the everyday habits of the community at large, all while dealing with delicate issues such as the discrimination caused by architectonic barriers and transforming them into an opportunity to rethink and reconstruct the society in a more ethical way.


Architect: Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation
Mentioned project: The Rolling Revolution
Project location: Kolkata, India

Spain 2013
Duration: 2'19''