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The Empire of SURA

Ibañez Kim Studio

Feeling lost in your own city.

The cinematographic style of the short film "The Empire of SURA" shapes Ibañez Kim Studio's exploration and narration of the concept of citizenship and urban dwelling by showing an intense journey through the cities of Paris, London and Tokyo.

Mariana Ibañez and Simon Kim (Ibañez Kim Studio) redefine the perception of urban spaces by combining live footage images with graphical effects that fragment and blur the filmed reality. Geometrical signs are inserted into highly contrasted - almost black and white - frames, re-drawing and re-interpreting the city. Through a powerful visual narration and the choice of unusual and multiple points of observation, the short documentary conveys the concept of contemporary urban alienation, that sense of feeling lost inside your own city, never feeling at home.

Authors icon Credits

Cinematography: Kordae Jatafa Henry
Sound Design: Chris Chung

USA 2014
Duration: 10'45''