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Led by Simon Kim and Mariana Ibañez, Ibañez Kim Studio is a Cambridge and Philadelphia-based firm that operates with a multidisciplinary and experimental approach in numerous fields, including new media, immersive design, urbanism, architectural planning and research.

Their projects are conceived to generate social interaction at different scales and through innovative and unusual materials, while their research activities mainly explore the relationship between design and emotive behaviors through a recurring use of the filmic process. Among their various video works, the short documentary "Cloud Cloak" unveils their unique design of a wearable cloud. Shaped as a stylish collar, the "Cloud Cloak" is a device conceived to emit a cloud of fog all around the wearers and allows them to temporarily disappear and obscure their identity. Ibañez Kim Studio's short film "The Empire of SURA" explores another fundamental theme in the architects’s investigation, such as the concept of modern citizenship, urban dwelling and contemporary urban alienation. By means of a cinematographic narrative style and an intense journey through the cities of Paris, London and Tokyo, in this work Ibañez and Kim try to redefine the perception of urban spaces by combining live footage images with graphical effects that fragment, blur and re-draw the city.

Both architects have worked for Zaha Hadid and had numerous collaborations in theater works. Argentinian architect Mariana Ibañez - Associate Professor of Architecture at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and member of the Advanced Geometry Unit at ARUP - worked with Grace Kelly Jazz, The Dufala Brothers and the Opera Philadelphia. Designer, artist and registered architect Simon Kim has produced and curated exhibitions at the Traction Gallery and the Slought Foundation. Member of the AIA and Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Design - where he directs the Immersive Kinematics Research Group -, he has also worked for Frank Gehry and at SOM London.

Numerous Ibañez Kim Studio's projects have been published and awarded worldwide, such as the Mechanical Garden (winning proposal for the 2012 MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program), and the Torqueing Spheres (winning proposal for the Folly 2015 competition). Their works have been exhibited in different occasions and venues, including the MoMA, the Milan Fashion Week, the National Art Museum in Beijing, the ICA and the Beyond Media Festival in Florence.

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The Empire of SURA
Duration clock dark 10:49 min

The Empire of SURA

Published on Nov 09, 2015