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Sur-Mesure (bespoke)

FREAKS freearchitects

A giant sticker overlays Oscar Niemeyer's curtain wall.

In December 2011 FREAKS architects planned to offer to the citizens of Paris an original glimpse at the real work of architects. They wanted to make the general public aware of the important role architecture plays in urban space. They designed a big "sur mesure" sticker with arrows and measurements and placed it onto the facade of Oscar Niemeyer's poetic monument to the Communist Party in France - Communist Party Headquarters in Paris - as if an architect had sketched the dimensions of the architecture on the real sinuous building.

The short documentary "Sur-Mesure (bespoke)" shows the whole process of installing the giant drawing on the glazed curtain wall, designed by Niemeyer in collaboration with French architect Jean Prouvé. The temporary installation – that was on view for over 3 months before being dismantled - was commissioned by the National Council of the Architects to raise attention on architecture and give it new life during their annual symposium.


Architect: Oscar Niemeyer, Jean Prouvé
Mentioned project: French Communist Party Headquarters (1967–1981)
Project location: Paris, France

France 2012
Duration: 6'26''