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FREAKS freearchitects is a Paris-based architecture firm founded in 2007 and led by Guillaume Aubry (1982), Cyril Gauthier (1978) and Yves Pasquet (1977), three architects interested in experimental researches on the image and representation of architecture as well as on the role of the architect through projects and planning process practices from small scale art installations to large scale architecture competitions. Their unconventional narrative style is often ironical and playful and aims at subverting the comforting, traditional viewpoints on architecture and its perception and communication, as it is anticipated in their provocative motto "less is more, more is more, less is not enough". In their video "Sur-Mesure (bespoke)" they offer to the citizens of Paris an original glimpse at the real work of architects and raise awareness on the important role architecture plays in urban space. The short documentary shows the whole process of installing a temporary giant drawing with arrows and measurements on the glazed curtain wall of Oscar Niemeyer's Communist Party Headquarters in Paris. FREAKS' built projects are mostly located in France, but their practice is international due to the fact that their partners have lived and worked abroad, in San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing, Berlin, Mumbai, Singapore and Istanbul. FREAKS freearchitects were awarded the AJAP price from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in 2010.

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Sur-Mesure (bespoke)
Duration clock dark 06:26 min

Sur-Mesure (bespoke)

Published on Jul 28, 2015