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Subversive Architects

Optimistic Productions, osa - office for subversive architecture

What has this architecture to do with a giant blu rabbit?

Between art and architecture, temporary installation and interactive presence inside the city, the project of "Subversive Architects" from OSA, filmed by Optimistic Productions and Fulcrum tv, is an attempt to drive public attention to an abandoned area of London and to improve that place as well.

OSA architects observe the way people interact with one of the urban public spaces that have become neglected and overlooked because of the recent changes of the city. In order to involve and stimulate the collective imagery, they create a representation of a kind of "dream-house" image.

At the same time, the architects choose to use the resource of histories and structures of that forgotten site to realize their architectural installation in order to explore its inner potential for a future development.

In the short movie, the film makers outline the role played by the architects of OSA as urban designers and artistic activists as well, and how their "guerrilla architecture" has not destructive or merely esthetic aims, but might have practical results and constructive effects on the community.


Project team: Karsten Huneck, Bernd Truempler
Collaborators: Harald Huegues, Trenton Oldfield
Mentioned project: Intact, illegal refurbishment of a signal box (2004-2006)
Project location: London, United Kingdom
Co-production: Fulcrum TV

United Kingdom 2005
Duration: 3'44''

Selected for VISIONS, 9th edition of the BEYOND MEDIA festival