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osa - office for subversive architecture
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Whoever was in London in 2008 when the Olympic Park was under construction, might remember a patrolled 3 meter high fence that had been put up to prevent people from peeking into the building site. However somebody, completely disagreeing with this resolution, decided to build a platform in order to set up a new vantage point. A simple six-stepped and blue painted stair, attached to the wall, from which people could view in. Needless to say, the security guards weren't something of a happy bunny. This anecdote tells a lot about what those chaps at Office for Subversive Architecture are keen on. OSA is a collective of architects and designers scattered all over Europe. Members of OSA lives in London, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Müchen, Wien, Graz and other major cities in Germany and Austria. The original nucleus of OSA was put together in 1995 as a student project, but then it came to be a collective of practitioners with similar ideas on architecture and public space. What they do ranges freely from art to architecture, from performance to building. Their projects try to catch the hidden plot of each site to transform it through a fictional process. The sites they deal with undergo a transportation of meaning: OSA intentionally makes people rethink the ways we are used to inhabiting the city and public space. More than an architecture firm, OSA is an attitude, a way of thinking. Their reasons are better explained in "Subversive Architects", a short documentary produced by Optimistic Production in 2005. The movie is an account of the "Intact" incursion (2004), the illegal refurbishement of a railway signal station in London Shoreditch. Through the years they completed plenty of projects. OSA members regularly give lectures and actively take part in the cultural debate about architecture.

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Subversive Architects
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Subversive Architects

Published on Nov 03, 2014