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Imagen Subliminal

The horizon disappears, a vertical garden installation and a mermaid appear.

When an architect interested in experimenting with architectural narratives works in collaboration with a talented filmmaker to document a good project, the probability to get an interesting film product is almost assured. In the short film “Splash”, the collaboration between Manuel Ocaña and Imagen Subliminal yields an inspiring short film.

“Splash” is a vertical garden installation commissioned to Ocaña in order to respond to a precise request. The inhabitants of a single family house used to enjoy their private garden and the pool facing a vaste horizon with sunsets view, but a big and gray wall had been built on the side of the property, so perception immediately changed. The gray wall interrupted the view, its spatial and material qualities being so dull. To respond to this undesidered condition, Ocaña designed a vertical garden conceived as an active element reacting to light and climate, through reflection, vegetation and sprayed water.

The film shows the changes on the vertical garden during the day, and communicates the feelings of the particular environment it creates. The stop-motion and time-lapse technique, accompanied by the vintage Hawaiian music, develops a fresh look resembling some old home-made 8 mm films to highlight the caricature of hedonistic, recreational and private atmosphere, which is what the projects intends to raise.

The photo shooting was the priority at first. The came the decision to complete it with a short film, so the footage was developed in a short time with fast thinking and smart solutions, some time even unexpected as it happened with the use of the mermaid costume which was a sort of objet trouvé, as it was found on the side of the pool among the belongings of the owner’s children. During the post production, some gif images were released throughout the Web to immediately describe the project by means of quick glimpses, useful to appreciate how the garden can change. In this way, the project was documented through various media, each capable to reach a different target.


Architect: Manuel Ocaña Architecture&Thought Production Office
Mentioned project: Splash Vertical Garden
Project location: Dehesa de la Villa, Madrid, Spain
Production: Manuel Ocaña Fast&Furious Production Office

Spain 2016
Duration: 1'40''