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Spaghetti Junction

Anna Positano

Lost in the highway dystopia.

Anna Positano's 3-channel video installation interprets with a subtle critical approach the dystopia of the Rho-Pero junction (Northern Italy), a massively intertwined road traffic interchange that resembles a plate of spaghetti and also one of the areas that underwent major works for Expo 2015.

The looped video shows the aberration of the infrastructural paths from different perspectives in order to emphasize the disorientation of the driver. The photographer combines a series of live-footage car sequences taken while driving on the highway with a sequence of still images taken from an external point of view.

The repetition of images is matched with a composition of audio samples coming from a spectrum of radio frequencies collected on-site then recombined in different loops, so the viewers can experience the site-specific soundscape and intensify the sense of feeling lost in that highway.

The video installation was part of the "Sinfonie Urbane" program (Careof DOCVA, Milan; 2014), a project curated by Exposed Project to explore the city of Milan through audio and video.


Location: junction Rho-Pero, Italy
Music: Matteo Casari
Scientific Consultant: Alessandra Spada

Italy 2014
Duration: 5’40’’