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Anna Positano
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Anna Positano is an Italian photographer and video maker who explores from multiple perspectives the perception of space and spacial interactions in their social and emotional outgrowths. From the visual narration of installations and interiors to the experimental explorations of architectures and cities, Positano's research operates at different scales and investigates a wide range of contemporary ways of inhabiting different territories.

Among her video works, "When We Were Kids, It Was a Missile Base" deals with issues of surveillance and control. In "Spaghetti Junction", a 3-channel video installation, Positano interprets with a subtle critical approach the dystopia of a massively intertwined road traffic interchange, while showing the aberration of the infrastructural paths from different perspectives in order to emphasize the disorientation of the driver.

Her photographic artworks often deal with the theme of a personal exploration of architectural and urban spaces, such as the series of pictures "Right Here", that looks into places through the memories of their citizens. In the same way, "Night Walks" deal with personal geographies and almost biographical experiences of places in suspended and unusual moments, such as a night walk in your neighborhood. Another fundamental component in Positano's artistic research is the aim to involve the viewers, as it happens in "Eshi Significa Tutto OK". In this interactive and participative work the photographer directly invites the audience of readers and viewers to contribute to the photographic narrative through their imagination.

Graduated in Architecture (BArch and MArch) at the University of Genoa and specialized in photography with an MA at the London College of Communication, Anna Positano occasionally gives talks at different cultural institutions. Alongside her artistic and research practice, she works under commission for architects and magazines. Her visual projects have been exhibited nationally and internationally, in private galleries and public institutions.

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Spaghetti Junction
06:36 min

Spaghetti Junction

Published on Nov 17, 2015