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SOM looks to the skies


Vertical communities at intelligent densities.

In this very short but effective video, Uniform condenses an overview of the research made by SOM for approaching a new way to conceive high-rise buildings in the London area, to answer to the housing crisis.

"How can we design more liveable, sustainable and cost-effective residential buildings? How can we bring the efficiencies of the office sector to residential buildings? How can higher-densities relate to different demographics, and how can we create better vertical communities?". SOM intended to answer to these questions by means of a research and a related proposal for a high-rise building oriented to flexibility for mixed units in size and volumes, and using sustainable construction techniques. This user-oriented and variable in density approach enhances the possibility for the high-rise building to become a vertical community and puts a new allure on living in a tall building.

The short film by Uniform, after announcing the concept of the project by means of short text, quickly shift to offering a meandering glimpse through iconic places in London drawn with bidimensional and superimposed graphics, until we reach the place where the high-rise stands. The building is depicted with just one but effective image evoking the pleasure of living in a high-rise tower, always benefitting from visual connections with the city of London.

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Architect: SOM
Mentioned project: Intelligent Densities/Vertical Communities (2015)
Project location: London, United Kingdom

United Kingdom 2015
Duration: 56''