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Salewa Headquarters


From the work table to the construction site.

Sitting around a work table, the architects and the client discuss about the new Salewa headquarters and reflect on design strategies, their words combined with overviews of the construction site while works are in progress.

The client had a clear idea about his desires and goals. The new headquarters for his company should be a place for production, but also a proper and pleasant place to work in for employees and a high quality building for the community, being a landmark in the landscape. We are in fact in Bolzano, in the Italian Alps, at the feet of the Dolomites. The site is located where the city meets its industrial area, near the highway and another infrastructures which allow a kinematic perception of the building.

The building accommodates work spaces, providing areas for interaction and communication between the company and its network of suppliers, partners and clients. It is formed by a series of multifaceted slabs and towers, including a 50 meter-high structure which is the tallest building in the city. The facade combines an electro-coloured micro-perforated aluminium skin which protects the most exposed parts of the building with a large vertical glass covering. The resulting visual effect is that of a rock crystal. A climbing wall is included as a part of a side façade.

We can imagine that the dialogue between the client and the architects represented in this short film was very close to what happened in reality, while design was in progress. A high-quality building, in term of aesthetics, relationships with the surroundings, and ecological sustainability, stands to testify a successful collaborative experience. This project started in 2007 after a restricted architecture competition promoted by the client to select the designer.


Author: Carlo A. Sigon

Architect: Cino Zucchi Architetti, PARK ASSOCIATI
Mentioned project: Salewa Headquarters (2007-2011)
Project location: Bolzano, Italy
Photography: Patrizio Saccò
Camera: Timon De Graaf Boelé
Sound: Stefano Mastermaind Breda
Editing: Vilma Conte
Post-production: Xchanges
Color Correction: Videozone
Music: Paolo F. Bragaglia

Italy 2011
Duration: 10'05''