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Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero


Focusing big expectations by reshaping the skyline of Manhattan.

In this spectacular production by Dreamworks and Steven Spielberg, the amazing views of Daniel Libeskind Studio's World Trade Center Masterplan become the main characters of DBOX visual narration and are celebrated as a huge occasion of rebirth of a city after it has been deeply and tragically attacked at its very heart.

The short film is a teaser for the Discovery and Science Channel's six part mini-series "Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero", that documents the activity of the Ground Zero site and the personal stories of the construction workers, engineers and architects who have worked at rebuilding it. In this 2-minute presentation, DBOX uses CGI and effective cinematographic and advertising narratives to focus big expectations and wide attention on the whole documentary project as well as on the new architecture and urban design, not to mention the emotional and social collective implications of Libeskind's project. DBOX does its magic again to allow the viewers to envision, even dream about the brand new future of the skyline of Manhattan.

In 2012 the New York-based branding and creative agency was awarded with an Emmy, in the category "Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Graphic Design & Art Direction", for its animation and branding work on the Discovery Channel's series.

Authors icon Credits

Architect: Studio Daniel Libeskind
Mentioned project: World Trade Center Masterplan (2003-under construction)
Project location: New York, USA
Production: Dreamworks
Executive Production: Danny Forster, Steven Spielberg
Music: The beautiful fear

USA 2015
Duration: 2'23''