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Peripheral landscapes cover 540p
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Peripheral Landscapes

Plasmatic Concepts

An infographic story about Mexico City's dramatic growth.

In this video Plasmatic Concept explores the "Peripheral Landscapes" of Mexico City by means of an analysis of their formal and informal urban development. The architects and multimedia designers of the Californian firm use their skills in editing and motion graphics to involve the public in issues that concern their built environment.

The video demonstrates how the process of informal growth and an inherent survival mechanism of adaption shape most of the metropolis due to its exacerbated urban growth. Plasmatic Concept explains the statistics and the numbers of the city's growth in an accessible and provocative way. By intertwining data with aerial and ground level photographs of three great urban expansion zones – provided by the Arquitectura 911sc's research work – a new vision emerges. A realistic and comprehensible picture of the Mexican megacity appears showcasing its cultural, social and economic dynamic, along with an understanding of its everyday urban experience.

Authors icon Credits

Research: Arquitectura 911sc
Music: Nortec Collective, Doctor Olive

USA 2007
Duration: 3'05''

Selected for VISIONS, the 2009 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.