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Plasmatic concepts
Plasmatic Concepts
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Plasmatic Concepts is a design firm headed by multimedia designer David Hartwell and by architect Sarah Lorenzen. They work on motion graphics, built environments and graphic design, integrating design and technology. They support a collaborative approach which is founded on a network of talents in the fields of architecture, graphic design and creative professionals. The results of this approach are plain to see and let Plasmatic Concepts provide any idea with an innovative design form. One example of their ability with video production and graphic design can be seen in "Peripheral Landscape". Their clip is an infographic chronicling the spectacular growth of Mexico City in the last century. In three minutes their video is able to visualize a lot of information, most of which numeric, without being monotonous. It plays with number and letters trough a systemic approach that immediately conveys all data to the viewer, while explaining the informal process of growth that led the capital of Mexico to be one of the largest urban areas in the world.

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Peripheral Landscapes
Duration clock dark 03:05 min

Peripheral Landscapes

Published on Nov 21, 2014