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Parking UFV

Imagen Subliminal

Drive or walk in a parking lot as in a videogame.

What do a videogame and a parking lot have in common? Well, it depends on the point of view. And we can test it in this short film. The parking of the Francisco de Vitoria University near Madrid, designed by Ignacio Borrego and Felipe Samarán, is filmed by Imagen Subliminal mostly with drone in zenithal view, and is represented as the background for an old-style videogame. Music and text lettering convey this suggestion.

The Francisco de Vitoria University is located near the Monte El Prado, in a landscape where oaks and pines prevail on other species. The existing trees have been maintained and included in the project as a starting point for the design, then flanked with new ones. Complementary to the waves of trees, pedestrian paths are designed in a pronged form converging in four main roots towards the university. In the parking area, various lots for different kinds of vehicles are signaled by an immediate and visual graphic design, helping drivers orient themselves. As a result, the parking lot is more characterized than the usual tabula rasa made of black asphalt with boring and identical lots. The short film effectively shows the project. Shifting perceptions from the most common fly-through approach as well as taking inspiration from other fields is very beneficial for displaying architecture.


Architect: Ignacio Borrego, Felipe Samarán
Mentioned project: Parking UFV (2016)
Project location: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain
Collaborators: Lukasz Uminski, Mattia Franceschini
Engineering: Alexandri Ingeniería Civil S.L.
Painting: Ralva S.A.
Photography: ImagenSubliminal (Miguel de Guzman+Rocio Romero)
Drone: Icaro Films

Spain 2016
Duration: 1'39''