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Paisajes en el bolsillo

Simone Muscolino, Francesco Monaco, Eduardo Arroyo

Landscape and memories, out of the box.

The "Paisajes en el bolsillo" video recalls the abandoned industrial area where the project for the Plaza de Desierto (Barakaldo, Spain) by Eduardo Arroyo (No.mad Arquitectos) takes place - with its evening fires, sleepers, rail and black coal and its complex amalgam of materials - and shows how the memory of the place survives in the artificial topography designed by Arroyo.

Simone Muscolino and Francesco Monaco retrace in this video the natural and industrial landscape that deeply influenced the project. Eduardo Arroyo is the only person portrayed. He collects feelings, emotions, memories all through the Basque region and then releases them on site. In the spaces of the new plaza found materials and elements like steel, stone, wood and rich soil bring life to an alternative geography conceived "for pocketing the surrounding landscape", as Eduardo Arroyo explained.


Mentioned project: Plaza de Desierto (1998-2000)
Project location: Barakaldo, Spain

Spain 2002
Duration: 12'42''

Selected for the 2002 edition of the BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.