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Imagen Subliminal

Near Bruges a former Coca-Cola facility becomes an accessible public building.

Imagen Subliminal's short movie anticipates some of the possible future uses for Carlos Arroyo's project for OostCampus, a radical conversion of a large industrial building into a city hall and civic center in Oostkamp (Belgium). The “OostCampus” video perfectly interprets the architect's user-centered concept of a new public benchmark for the community, a transparent shared space made to house the citizens' everyday needs as well as to give direct access to public services.

Arroyo's design approach is very effectively introduced Miguel de Guzmán (Imagen Subliminal) and it documents one of their frequent collaborations. The architect himself appears in the video, as a testimony of a sustainable and technologically sophisticated architecture. The structure of the vacant Coca-Cola facilities (built in 1992) wasn't totally dismantled. Rather it was upcycled and used to give life to a sheltered public space, with a luminous ceiling made of thin GRG (gypsum and fibre) shells shaped like huge soap bubbles. The maximum result, both in terms of sustainability and space, is obtained with minimal interventions on the existing building.


Architect: Carlos Arroyo Architect
Mentioned project: OostCampus, city hall and civic center (2008-2012)
Project location: Oostkamp, Belgium

Spain 2013
Duration: 3'40''

Selected for PUBLIC SYMPHONIES (Rome; October 2014), a public talk and architectural video screening curated by Image for MAXXI.