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New York by Gehry


Watching the sleepless city from your own window.

In "New York by Gehry", DBOX combines the direct words from Frank Gehry with spectacular live footage frames of his new residential skyscraper, immersed in the lively flows of the city.

By means of time lapses and fastened sequences taken from the 76th floor of the building as well as from multiple and astonishing perspectives, the short film advertises the first residential commission for Gehry in New York City. One of the tallest residential towers in the world. Located within the Lower Manhattan skyline, in the heart of New York's Financial District, the 76-story tower (originally known as "Beekman Tower") contains mainly luxury residential rental units.

DBOX lingers on how Gehry reinterpreted the traditional Manhattan skyline with a facade of undulating waves in stainless steel, that shines and reflects the sun and the lights of the city as in a sleepless dialogue.


Architect: Gehry Partners
Mentioned project: Beekman Tower (2006-2010)
Project location: New York, USA
Music: The Beautiful Fear

USA 2010
Duration: 2'15''