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Nestlé Headquarters


Park Associati present the new Nestlé Headquarters in Milan.

In this short film produced by MetroCorto, Michele Rossi and Filippo Pagliani, founders of Park Associati, introduce the new Nestlé Headquarters in Assago, near Milan, by resuming the main design concepts.

The architects were asked to design the new headquarters for an important company but, at first, they were not told its name. They only knew they had to deal with a company working in the food industry. The client needed a building well connected with the main vehicle and pedestrian routes, while enclosed as a campus at the same time. The architects chose the courtyard building as a main reference, but then approached this typology with the aim to realize a fragmented architecture more than a monolithic block. The courtyard building is still very much recognizable and the inner court can only be used by the employees, but the overall volume was split into various parts, some of them lighter or raised more than others. The ground floor is slightly set back, and the façade was completed with various materials, such as terracotta and glass, and with some emerging glass panels, to further emphasize the fragmentation already announced by the volumes.


Mentioned project: Nestlé Headquarters (2014)
Project location: Milan, Italy
Direction: Alexandro Berto
Editing and VFX: Alexandro Berto, Luca Brusa
Music: Luca Brusa

Italy 2015
Duration: 4'52''