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Imagen Subliminal

A trip to the moon and back again to city.

Imagen Subliminal's short film "MOON" explores the light installation by Ben Busche (Brut Deluxe) along the Gran Via in Madrid as if it was an ideal trip to the celestial body.

The short documentary shows with a powerful visual narrative how the 31 different light motives of Brut Deluxe's project can be read as an animated flip book at the urban scale by the people that move along the street. Unlike the traditional Christmas installations and their clear repletions of similar signs, the perception of MOON's design is fragmented and delayed in time and space so that it changes constantly along the Gran Via.


Light design: Brut Deluxe
Mentioned project: MOON - iluminación de navidad (2014-2015)
Project location: Madrid, Spain
Photo: Miguel de Guzmán
Music: Richard Wagner

Spain 2014
Duration: 2'54''