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Simone Muscolino

Architect Marco Navarra (aka Doktor Wolf) introduces his project for an experimental industrial building.

The architect Marco Navarra (NOWA) performs a slapstick story of alchemies, scientific experiments and disguises to playfully introduce his project for an experimental plant-system that converts waste into clean energy.

Half scientist and half apprentice wizard, Navarra - in the scientific get-up of "Doktor Wolf" - is the protagonist of Simone Muscolino's video, which - in a comic and Jacques-Tati-like style - has an educational role. Both the video and the project - with their distinct paths of learning - are aimed at explaining to a wider audience the recycling process in action and its positive consequences on the transformation of the landscape.

Through the viewer's lens, the architect's table becomes a strange laboratory where scientific equipment is combined with everyday objects until suddenly, as in an alchemist's lab, a wire-frame and 3d digital scale model of the project pops up and shows the structure of this third-generation "experimental hovel for power production from depuration muds", how it is shaped on the orography of the surrounding hills and how it works by using the metaphor of a "big digestive apparatus". The sound-effects of Andrea Gattico's musical comment conveys the comical approach of the stop-motion animation.


Architect: NOWA
Mentioned project: Mongopalace (2007)
Project location: Peccioli, Pisa, Italy
Production: NOWA, with Id-Lab and Image
Photography: Timothy Heys Cerchio
Scenography: Michele Aquila
Editing and compositing: Marco Giambra
Music: Andrea Gattico
3D modeling: Andrea Coppola
Graphics processing: Paolo Tringali, Francesco Trovato
Photo contibutions: Peppe Maisto
Consulting: Marco Brizzi

Italy 2008
Duration: 7'16''

Selected for VISIONS, the 2009 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.