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Let's fabricate a park

a.p.r.e.s production & editions

Voices for a park.

This short film was produced for the "Parco Centrale di Prato" competition aimed to design a new park in the city center of Prato, Italy. The video first explores the aspirations of the public with regard to the new public space, and then introduces the project by Jakob + MacFarlane and Coloco.

The site is precisely in the heart of the ancient city, in a context of absolute value, and is delimited by the walls. The area, already covered by greenery and currently seldom used as public space, is about to undergo a major renovation, following the demolition of the old town hospital.

The project designed by Jakob + MacFarlane and Coloco is characterized by a regular grid which is the basic element that defines it while allowing connections with the surroundings. The grid defines paths and becomes denser in six points where specific functions are hosted. The structure is the basis for the development of vertical gardens. The project takes into consideration the aspirations of the interviewed citizens, each of them belonging to a different social category in terms of age or occupation.


Architect: Jakob + MacFarlane, Coloco
Mentioned project: Il Parco Centrale di Prato (2016)
Project location: Prato, Italy
Director: Gilles Coudert
Interviews by: Pablo Georgieff
Image: Damien Faure
Sound: Gilles Coudert
Editing: Damien Faure
Graphics: Nicolas Charavet, Damien Bourniquel
Production Assistant: Alexandre Neveu
Production: Gilles Coudert, David Clougher
Executive Producer: a.p.r.e.s production & editions
Illustrations Credits: Jakob + Macfarlane, Coloco
Landscape Architect: Coloco, Laura Gatti
Structure Engineer: Atelier One
Lighting: Les Eclaireurs
Economist: Ypeas

France 2016
Duration: 6'00''