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Les Bains Municipaux


Diving in the future.

VIRGINLEMON is a young production company for architectural imagery and animation, a company created back in 2013 by Carlotta Cominetti from Italy and Tamas Fischer from Hungary. Passionate about architecture and space, they are mostly self-taught CGI artists. Along with the crew of VIRGINLEMON, they created this short video for the renovation of the Municipal Baths of the city of Strasbourg.

Housed in a historic building in the heart of Strasbourg, "Les Bains Municipaux" was built in 1905 by the German architect Fritz Beblo - currently are undergoing a renovation plan by François Chatillon, with opening scheduled for late 2021.

The project is a respectful renovation of this emblematic monument, the heritage of the city of Strasbourg. In addition to the renovation of the large pool, small pool and changing rooms, the project will include a spa, a tisanerie, a boiler room, and outside, a spa area and a multifunctional space. Sounds great, but what does it mean in practical terms? As the facility won't open before two years, the Parisian studio helped citizens to get accustomed to the future appearance of Les Bains thanks to this 3D video animation.

The simple, yet effective, video is a walk-through of the stunning building, revamped by Chatillon, guiding the viewer through the different rooms and letting him immerse in the pools relaxing and warm atmosphere of the future luxurious but tasteful facility.

At The Architecture Player, we selected a few videos that would present a project while it was still in the making or would never be there (such as in competitions): it is a matter of being able to communicate one’s hopes and goals, offering a vision on something that is yet to come.
To be able to produce the video, which is completely virtually realized, VIRGINLEMON recreated from HD photos taken on place, paying particular attention to the use of light and realism of materials and textures that the citizens of the French city will experience. There is little camera movement and an use of a suitable but not distracting soundtrack: the focus is all about the rooms and the overall project.


Architect: François Chatillion Architecte, Thierry Nabères Architecte
Mentioned project: Bains Municipaux (2019-2021)
Project location: Strasbourg, France

France 2019
Duration: 2'35"