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VIRGINLEMON are Carlotta from Italy and Tamás Hungary. Together with fellow 3D artists Camélia and Stew, they make up Virginlemon, a production company for architectural imagery and animation. They both share a background and a passion for architecture, but, declares that "besides our degrees, everything we do today in terms of CGI is more or less self-taught".
Passionated about architecture and spaces, forms, and materials. In search of the right way to express this passion of ours, they worked at various architectural studios, but soon after meeting in 2013, they decided to try something on their own. "The point was to create a space where we could link up with other architects and exchange different ideas and points of views, as we wanted our daily jobs to properly meet the unique challenges that come with each new project".


Strips including clips by VIRGINLEMON

Les Bains Municipaux
02:35 min

Les Bains Municipaux

Published on Oct 07, 2019