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La Ballena

Imagen Subliminal

A whale surrounded by colored ramps and surfaces for students to play.

The lively everyday life that animates the elevated Sports Court at Lasalle Franciscanas School (Zaragoza, Spain) is condensed and celebrated in this two-minute video by Miguel de Guzmán (Imagen Subliminal).

A time-lapse narration explores the design of Guzmán de Yarza Blache (J1 Arquitectos) as well as the fluxes of students, teachers and parents flowing inside and around the courtyard from every possible perspective and at every time, during both the morning and the late evening sport and leisure activities.

The "Whale" - that's how the students named the new construction - is a prefabricated concrete structure and is formed with a double layer of galvanized steel that includes growing ivy. This iconic metallic bubble is connected to the existing school through a system of colored soft ramps, that rise from the ground level to the intermediate level and the elevated court. The overall design by De Yarza Blache seems to be highly appreciated by the community it is meant for, since it allowed the school to augment the total space dedicated to the students' activities through a non-invasive and user-centered approach.


Architect: Guzmán de Yarza Blache
Mentioned project: Elevated sports court in the Lasalle Franciscanas School (2012)
Project location: Zaragoza, Spain
Music: Lloyd Rodgers, "On Things Invisible to the Eye (Act II)"

Spain 2012
Duration: 2'12''