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Icone Bag for Louis Vuitton

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)

A bag follows form.

This video is part of a series by Zaha Hadid shown at Visions, the 2009 Beyond Media festival in Florence. "The View Master" series included videos from some of the most outstanding architectural studios that used film as part of their investigation. The MVRDV’s View Master is also available on The Architecture Player.

"While bags tend to be seen in isolation, the formal language of repetition in both these new hybrid forms and the LV brand suggested a clustered arrangement. The design explores this possibility by offering interchangeable parts, which can be played with, rearranged and combined to suit different occasions."

It was with these words that Zaha Hadid Architects presented the Icone Bag for Louis Vuitton, the 2006 reinterpretation of the iconic LV Bucket bag. Louis Vuitton has always been open to collaborations and reinterpretation of its most iconic staples, in advance to the contemporary collaboration trend seen in fashion.

The 2009 "Visions" catalog, for the 9th edition of Beyond Media Festival, published by Image Publishing, recited: "The opportunities of reinterpretation of the iconic LV Bucket bag lead us to reflect on its condition as a generic container. The combination of a series of formal operations (extrusion, distortion, peeling and slicing) and the selection of materials, created a family of differentiated bags, hybrid crossings between traditional bag typologies, i.e. pochette and clutch, and the bucket. Clustering the bags generated a series of possible relations between the different buckets, the containers, and the contained, which allowed for its parts to be interchangeable under one coherent composition. The possibility of different combinations of containers, buckets, triggers a playful and interactive relationship with the user, allowing for customization of the bucket’s form and program to each occasion".

The brief video produced for the Icone Bag - and shown at such festival, as part of the "Zaha Hadid Architects - The View Masters" section - is a silent digital animation set in a limbo landscape. In this white on white space, small bits of the bags emerge, reflecting the architects’ statement ("The design explores this possibility by offering interchangeable parts, which can be played with, rearranged and combined to suit different occasions"), until together they form the Zaha Hadid's take on the bucket bag, a smooth, fluid interpretation of the bucket bag in which ZHA’s signature style is easily detected. The LV logo emerges from the white skin of the bag, in a bright minimal yellow (in other representations it will be replaced with magenta), that strikes a bright contrast with what assumingly will be leather. The Icone Bag for Louis Vuitton is indeed iconic - drawing together ZHA's bold, different and contemporary style and her restless engagement and explorations of new aspects of design through technology and materials.

(Story by Sara Marzullo, The Architecture Player)


Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)
Design: Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher
Design Team: Muthahar Khan
Mentioned project: Icone bag (2006)
Project designer: Ana Cajiao

France 2006
Duration: 1'29"