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House Parts Office

People's Architecture Office

Domesticity at work.

House Part Office is the workplace designed by People's Architecture Office for Xiaozhu, a peer-to-peer housing rental website. The startup is China's rival to Airbnb and part of the country's new 'shared economy'. Since its foundation, the company had an almost unpredictable rapid growth and requires a highly flexible work environment. Pao's design features a flexible workspace to ease interactions and creativity.

House Part Office brings domesticity to work and inserts the casual comfort of home life into the workplace. The intervention is conceived as a house that has been divided with its parts dispersed throughout an otherwise banal office interior. Shared interior finishes between split spaces make apparent that adjacent portions correspond to a single room, with sliced samples doubling as ad hoc meeting areas. House Parts Office also features converted tricycles – workspaces and informal meeting areas on wheels – that are inspired by the PAO's project Tricycle House.

Users have a wide spectrum of settings to choose from. Long span cantilevering tables supported by only four legs create undisrupted space underneath to provide seating flexibility. Many mobile Tetris Tables can be detached, combined, and rearranged to accommodate groups or single workers. Red 'umbrellas' swivel to different locations to provide overhead light and electricity. A long conference table can be separated into three smaller tables, allowing the conference room itself to be divided into three smaller rooms when necessary. At Xiaozhu's headquarters flexibility and diversity of workspaces encourage the exchange of ideas.


Mentioned project: House Parts Office Headquarters (ANNO)
Project location: Beijing, China
Principal: He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng
Project team: Jiang Hao, Zhang Zhen, Amy Song, Ren Depei, Chen Yihuai
Photography: People's Architecture Office

China 2016