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Herzog & de Meuron: 56 Leonard


A short story to describe the birth of a new residential tower in Tribeca, New York.

"Herzog & de Meuron: 56 Leonard” narrates the genesis of an iconic residential tower as a new "global landmark" in Tribeca, New York.

Coming from a strong professional experience in commercials and branded content (from web virals to animated spots), Tronic studio designers tap in their architecture backgrounds to introduce to a non-professional audience the vertical glass experience designed by the Swiss architecture firm in New York and the collaboration with artist Anish Kapoor.

By means of a live action helicopter shooting overlapped with extensive CG modeling, in this short video a Kapoor's stainless steel sculpture - an enigmatic balloon-like form that is the artist’s first permanent public work in New York City - is virtually shaped by Herzog & de Meuron's building, the elements of each floor descending from the Manhattan sky and landing on top of the sculpture.


Architect: Herzog & de Meuron
Artist: Anis Kapoor
Mentioned project: 56 Leonard Street (2006-2016)
Project location: New York, United States

USA 2009

Selected for ARCHITECTURE VISIONS. Erratic language in architectural narratives (Rome; July - September 2011), a series of public talks, conferences, and architecture videos on six dates curated by Image for MAXXI.