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Jesse Seppe and Vivian Rosenthal founded Tronic studio after graduating from Columbia Graduate School of Architecture. Interested in thematics such as space, technology, perception and human-machine interaction Tronic studio blend multiple mediums and disciplines to realize visionary and unexpected representations. Latest techologies and creativity are the means by which Tronic push the boundaries of visual representation. The video they made for Herzog & De Meuron's "56 Leonard" in Tribeca, NYC, says a lot about their approach: a perfectly rendered NYC is the backgound to the epiphany of Anish Kapoor's steel balloon dropping from the sky, which is the base for the block after block building construction. Radical camera movements, a perfect timing and astonishing renderings are the means chosen by Tronic to show how the project took form in the head of the designers. Thanks to their ability to think outside the box, Tronics studio conceives experiential design installations, branded contents and new media contents for world's premier firms.

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Herzog & de Meuron: 56 Leonard
Duration clock dark 01:56 min

Herzog & de Meuron: 56 Leonard

Published on Oct 30, 2014