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Le giraffe hanno ap cover 02 960 540
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Giraffes have long necks.... they are truly curious creatures


Who is more curious? A man or a giraffe?

This is a story of an unconventional nigh-time meeting and its messy end. The city is sleeping while a pedestrian is walking in the street. As he finds a light cone for reading his comics, the lampost nearby oddly starts animating and quarreling with him. A scrabble starts and continues until dawn.

The short film has been realized for introducing a light fixture designed by Tamassociati in colllaboration with Viabizzuno, an Italian light design and production factory. The video was entirely developed by the architects who often use animation to introduce their designs.

The black and white drawings are more abstract than realistic. By means of little signs like buildings' facial expression or by conceiving the lamppost as if it was a giraffe, the short film leads the observer into a world where life seems to be infused not only in human beings but also in the objects that populate the cityscape: the ironic and imaginative content of the story, already suggested by its title, is once more confirmed.

Authors icon Credits

Designer: TAMassociati, UpO Viabizzuno
Mentioned project: GIRAFFE Light Fitting (2006)
Animation: TAMassociati (Marta Gerardi)
Music: Emanuele Tiziani, TAMassociati (Raul Pantaleo)

Italy 2005
Duration: 4'33''