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TAMassociati is a professional practice active in the fields of sustainable architecture, urban planning, landscape design, participatory processes, graphic design and social communication. The team, based in Venice since 1996, operates in public space design and in different projects for sustainable architecture in Africa, the Middle-East, Italy, and is known particularly for healthcare works carried out in Africa. The office recently received several acknowledgements like the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (2013), the Giancarlo Ius Gold Medal (2013), the Curry Stone Design Prize (2013), the Zumtobel Group Award (2014), the Italian Architect of the Year (2014) for qualitative excellence and for the eco-social impact of its international works. The most peculiar part of TAMassociati’s video-production are the animated short films developed by the artist and illustrator part of the team. The first animation produced by the group is "Giraffes have long necks.... they are truly curious creatures" (2005) and was conceived to introduce the light fixtures designed by the team in cooperation with an Italian light company. Short clips produced by TAMassociati are not only related to their projects. In the "safety in work" series (2007) the main theme is safety on the workplace, so the clips were developed as a campaign for awareness. "Storie di Città - Mestre" (2007) is produced as a result of a workshop made with elementary school children about how they imagine a different reality for their city. Besides the animated short clips, the video-production by TAMassociati also comprehends time-lapses recorded on building sites and clips introducing works and results of some university students workshops. At last, some of TAMassociati buildings are introduced by institutional clips produced not by the group itself but by third parties and aimed to illustrate built architectures and concepts behind them by means of live footage and interviews.

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