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Gardens by the Bay I


The complexity of a masterplan introduced in a few frames.

How to visualize the complexity of a masterplan? This short film by Squint/Opera does it quite successfully. But let’s start from the beginning of the story, testified right in the first frames of the video: in 2006 Grant Associated was short listed to participate in the international competition for the Gardens by the Bay Masterplan.

Once the office developed its project, Squint/Opera was in charge of visualizing, through moving images, the main features of the urban proposal. The short film aims at highlighting those qualities of the project that are not easily conveyed though technical drawings. At the same time, it allows the viewer to follow the conceptual process that brought the architects to reach the final form. The three main zones of the bay are charged with specific programs, each one resumed in phrases written on post-it notes pasted on an ideal board. The observer discovers the key concepts, technical solutions, and forms of the project. And imagines how the place will come to life once inhabited by its citizens.


Architect: Grant Associates, WilkinsonEyre
Mentioned project: Gardens By The Bay (2006)
Project location: Singapore

United Kingdom 2006
Duration: 4'55''