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Football Stadium Munich. Herzog & De Meuron


A luminous informative landmark described is announced and introduced in its new functionalities.

In the brevity and in the inevitable bareness of early digital animation, the video by Neutral explores and emphasizes the fundamental themes that define the Herzog & de Meuron competition entry for the football stadium in Munich (the Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany).

Neutral's virtual camera approaches the building from an abstract introduction of lines that converge into the illuminated and changing surface of the arena: the initial exterior perspective from the highway gives the perception of the arena as a luminous and shimmering presence in an open landscape, as well as a potential attraction-point and urban monument.

The one-minute animation underscores the procession-like arrival of visitors to the stadium, borrowing for few moments their perspective, and finally entering the crater-like interior from a spectacular aerial perspective. Neutral underlines the architects' choice of designing the seating directly adjacent to the pitch, and the tiers as close as possible to the field so that, "as in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, spectators sit right next to where the action takes place".


Architect: Herzog & de Meuron
Mentioned project: Allianz Arena (2001-2005)
Project location: Munich, Germany

United Kingdom 2001
Duration: 1'33''

Selected for the 2002 edition of the BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.