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Expo Gate

Alessandro Scandurra

A virtual parade to introduce the Expo Gate and the city of the Expo 2015.

With this colorful animated tale, Italian architect Alessandro Scandurra, about a year before the beginning of the Universal Exhibition in Milan (2015), introduces his Expo Gate project to an audience wider than just the local citizens: its genesis, inspirations, the overall planning process and its possible future scenarios. A red carpet where silhouettes of Enzo Jannacci and Giorgio Gaber parade along with the sketches of the Cathedral and of other iconic symbols of Milan.

The short animation is also a bridge to connect the recognizable and well-known imagery of the city to this new project, so that inhabitants and visitors of the Expo can get to know this new project, a new temporary presence in the midst of the cityscape. Besides references to the more traditional, cultural and architectural icons of Milan, in the short video presentation a lively sequence of drawings gives an idea of all the occasions of leisure and entertainment that the pavilion will host during the period of the Expo.

Authors icon Credits

Animation and compositing: Francesco Forti
Architect: Alessandro Scandurra
Mentioned projects: Expo Gate pavilion (2014)
Project location: Milan, Italy
Graphics and Sound: Francesca De Palma, Ilaria Roglieri

Italy 2014
Duration: 2'46''